Why Hire a Guide for Your Sedona – Grand Canyon Visit?

There’s something to be said about spontaneity and hitting the road to see how the day unfolds. I’ve had many amazing trips with a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style of planning. That being said, I’ve also experienced some pretty lame vacations due to not knowing where to go to get the most out of the day and not knowing any locals who could offer advice.

Hiring a professional guide in Sedona or Grand Canyon has a multitude of benefits. Many who have never hired a hiking or tour guide envision following around someone who robotically rattles off boring facts of memorized material. A good guiding company will only hire locals who have a vast knowledge of the area and who love what they do coupled with proper advanced medical certifications and technical know how.

Still wondering if hiring a guide while visiting Sedona or the Grand Canyon is right for you? Here are some suggestions to help you decide:

When you have little time

A knowledgeable guide can give laser focus to Sedona or the Grand Canyon and this may never be so valuable as when your time is limited. There are obviously better places than others if you want to avoid crowds, find the best places to view the landscape and take photos, or to experience an off the beaten path area that isn’t listed in any guide books.

When revisiting a place

If you’ve already visited Sedona or the Grand Canyon, hiring a guide can give you an offbeat look at a somewhat familiar place. A talented guide with a heap of knowledge will have something valuable to offer and give a new perspective on a place.

When visiting popular places

Grand Canyon National Park received approximately 5 million visitors last year. So where do the majority of visitors go? Usually all to one spot and that spot is pretty impossible to try and enjoy. Guides who know an area well will avoid the congested areas and take you to the less travelled (but just as beautiful) trails or overlooks.

When you want to hike but don’t have the gear

It’s not always possible to pack everything you need for a safe and comfortable hiking experience in Sedona or the Grand Canyon. As professional guides we believe that providing guests with quality backpacks, trekking poles, and good food are integral to getting more people out to enjoy the hundreds of miles of trails in Northern Arizona. Not all guiding companies provide guests with gear-check with them before making a reservation.

To hand off the logistics of travel

Knowing the best routes to take to get to your destination, paying entrance fees, obtaining permits, and everything else that goes into planning a trip is part of the services a guiding company may offer. You don’t have to deal with traffic issues or wonder about plan B when plan A fails. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

To gain knowledge to take with you after your tour

Ever wonder what the locals do in the area for fun or where their favorite museums, shops, or restaurants are? Aside from learning a vast array of natural and cultural history on your tour, you can also ask questions to enhance your stay after your tour is over. A good guide has no qualms about telling you other options for the rest of your time here in Northern Arizona.

To meet new people

If your tour isn’t private, you will be with a small group of folks who share some of your same interests. Many friendships have been made on our hikes and tours. There’s a wonderful sort of bonding when sharing a memorable good day in an amazing landscape.

To have reassurance

Anything can happen while trekking in the great outdoors. A knowledgeable guide knows the area like the back of their hand and has driven it, climbed it, hiked it, and loved it for a very long time. They should also have advanced medical training and, if needed, know how to quickly get advanced medical help if something unfortunate should happen. Going with a guide gives you reassurance that you won’t get lost and will educate guests about how to not get into trouble when hiking in a rugged and unforgiving place such as the Grand Canyon.

If you’re planning a trip to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or Antelope Canyon and would like to maximize your day-hire a guide. Please make sure that the company is properly permitted, licensed, and insured. There are many companies that are operating without proper government permits-stay clear of those guys and ask the guide you do hire to show you their permit-it’s easy enough to do.

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