Sedona Hikes and Tours

Guided Vortex Tours in Sedona, Arizona.

A Hiker Takes In The View On Bell Rock TrailSedona Hikes

We have access to the very best hiking trails in Sedona. Whether your interests are photography, cultural or natural history, vortex areas, or simply peaceful back country environments-we’ve got you covered. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will match your fitness level and the type of experience you would like to gain from the day. Journey with us on foot to experience the most scenic environments Sedona has to offer.

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Min of two –
2 – 3 hour 170.00/adult, 100.00 child (3 – 15) – under 3 free
4 – 5 hour 200.00/adult, 125.00 child (3 – 15) – under 3 free

2 – 3 hour 225.00/adult,
4 – 5 hour 275.00/adult

All hikes include water, snacks, backpacks, trekking poles and pick up from your hotel or resort.

Red Rock Treks is legally permitted with the US Forest Service/Red Rock Ranger District. All hikes are conducted on permitted areas of the Coconino National Forest.

sedona vortex tour

Sedona Vortex Energy Tour

Travel to a high energy level area close to Sedona. Join us on this relaxing tours and enjoy the scenic views of the red rocks beauty. While there experience a wonderful form of relaxation and healing and stress relief. Your guide will teach simple meditation techniques that you can easily practice after your trip to Sedona is over. This is an easy walking tour and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Tour includes transportation from and back to your hotel.

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Min of two –
2 – 3 hour 185.00/adult, 100.00 child (3 – 15) – under 3 free
4 – 5 hour 225.00/adult, 125.00 child (3 – 15) – under 3 free

2 – 3 hour 225.00/adult, 
4 – 5 hour 275.00/adult,

sedona archeology tourSedona Archeology Tour

Visit 2 beautiful ancient Native American ruins accompanied by a knowledgeable and friendly guide. Learn about the flora, fauna, and cultural history of each area. After visiting the ruins, we’ll visit a wonderful petroglyph site or a private tour of an archeology museum (your choice) just south of Sedona. This educational walking tour takes approximately 3 hours and includes all entrance fees and transportation from and back to your hotel.

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Min of two –
2 – 3 hour 185.00/adult, 100.00 child (3 – 15) – under 3 free
4 – 5 hour 225.00/adult, 125.00 child (3 – 15) – under 3 free


How to Book

To secure reservations all tours must be paid in full at time of scheduling. Online Booking Now Available!

Refund Policy

We understand that life can be unpredictable at times and that trip plans can change. Red Rock Treks will refund the full amount of your trip if cancellation occurs 48 hours (two full days) of tour departure. Cancellations of less than 72 hours will be charged in full.

Weather Policy

Inclement weather does occur in Northern Arizona especially during summer monsoons. If we are unable to depart due to weather conditions, we will refund the full amount of your tour. If the tour departs and is later affected by inclement weather, Red Rock Treks reserves the right to charge the full amount of each tour.

Departure Times

Departure times change with the seasons. Tours leave early morning in spring/summer and later during the fall/winter months. Tour departure times will be arranged during scheduling. Red Rock Treks will pick you up at your hotel/resort. Please be ready to depart at the designated time.

Fitness Level Requirements for our Sedona Area Tours

All hiking treks are tailored to your personal fitness and comfort level. All non-hiking tours are relatively short and easy walks however, some areas require walking up small inclines to reach our destinations.

What to Bring

Hat, sunscreen, camera, and comfortable walking shoes.

What is a Vortex?

Depending on who you ask, you may get an array of answers. Basically, a vortex is an area of high energy. Think of the swirling energy of a tornado or dust devil or the way water spirals while going down a drainage. This spiraling energy radiates outward from all vortex areas around Sedona therefore, you do not need to be standing directly on a vortex to experience it.

How Will a Vortex Affect Me?

Vortex areas affect everyone differently but generally, the consensus is a feeling of well-being. Visitors have reported feeling an increase of energy, tingling sensations in the hands and feet, as well as a calming and cleansing effect on the mind. Many guests who visit vortex sites utilize these areas for amplified spiritual, emotional, mental, and/or physical effects.

How Do I Prepare for the Vortex Experience?

Most vortex areas require only short walks to get to while others take a little longer to reach. We recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes and comfortable clothing but most importantly, keeping an open mind and being in the present moment will greatly enhance your experience. If you’re a skeptic but still want to give it a try, it’s a wonderful excuse for a hike into an incredibly stunning landscape. We’ve yet to meet anyone who wished they wouldn’t have visited these beautiful areas.

Who Discovered the Sedona, AZ Vortexes?

Sedona has been a spiritually significant area to Native Americans for 100’s of years. This area has been a sacred mecca, of sorts, well before the New Age/metaphysical movement began here. Most people agree that Page Bryant, a professional psychic and intuitive counselor, first mapped and termed the vortex sites in Sedona. Others side that no one in particular discovered them and that it was a consensus of those who have visited this area over time. Regardless of who mapped and coined the vortex areas, Sedona has definitely evolved into a New Age hub. A large percentage of the 3 to 4 plus million visitors per year come here in search of the healing and spiritual energies of the red rocks and their formations.

Why Should We Visit a Vortex Area With a Tour Guide?

It’s easy enough to get a map and venture out for your own personal mystical tour. Many of the high-energy areas can get quite congested. As guides who have lived in this area for many years, we know where to take guests to escape the crowds, best times of day during different seasons, and sharing knowledge of how to enhance your experience at these energy spots. Since you don’t need to be standing directly on the vortex to sense its energy, we can take you to areas that offer solitude and a more positive experience. Our goal is to show you how to safely get there so that you can return to these beautiful places again and again if you wish. We don’t believe in painting a picture of what will happen for you in a Sedona vortex area but we do believe in letting our guests see what surprisingly unfolds.

We welcome the opportunity to show you are favorite places in and around Sedona, The Grand Canyon, and Antelope Canyon. Now that you’ve decided to visit Arizona, it’s the journey while here that counts. Ready for your tour?

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