Red Rock Treks evolved from a true desire to help visitors connect to nature and landscape.

Arizona Trek Leader, Tracy Wood

Tracy Wood started Red Rock Treks after more than 20 years of hiking and working in wilderness environments. She began her career as a trail crew supervisor in the rugged mountains of Stanley, Idaho. Since then she has worked as a backcountry Wilderness Ranger and Firefighter with the US Forest Service, as a Park Guide with the National Park Service, and as a Botanical Researcher working with Native American Tribes.   As a nationally certified Medical Assistant, Tracy quickly realized that she could do more for the health and well being of people in a wilderness setting than she ever felt that she could do working in a medical facility.

Our guides are highly trained professionals with a minimum of Wilderness First Responder certification as well as Advanced First Aid and CPR. Though their knowledge and training are important, we feel that having the right personality is equally as important. We are fortunate to employ the very best guides in the industry and pay them a living wage for the wonderful work that they do.

Our company’s mission statement is quite simple- provide the highest quality tours in the most breathtaking environments. We believe in offering treks for all ages, levels, and abilities-from challenging hikes to pleasant strolls and strive to share a wonderful and sometimes life changing day with all who trek with us.

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