The Grand Canyon – Trip of a Life Time

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." –Oliver Holmes

Grand Canyon TripI did my first trip into the Canyon 20 years ago equipped with nothing more than too little food, a pair of old Doc Martens, a borrowed backpack with a broken zipper, and a strong will. I had always loved to hike but something about that trip changed me. I was humbled by the unforgiving steepness of the trail, the wordless beauty that surrounded me, and the sheer vastness of the Canyon. That first trip sparked a long-standing love affair that continues to this day. I knew immediately that I would return to it again and again. Over the years, my gear has gotten better and my hiking knowledge and skills have greatly improved but the Canyon continues to teach me important lessons on self-reliance, strength, and keeping a perspective on life when the going gets tough.

Grand Canyon Hiking TripTrying to describe a trip to the Grand Canyon is like trying to describe the exact color of the sky….you just can’t. As a professional guide, I make many trips to the Canyon each year and honestly, I never get tired of looking at it. Every visit is different as the colors of the rock change with each passing day. My job allows me to share an incredible experience with guests who haven’t visited the Canyon before. There are few experiences in life that leave us speechless so when I see others struggling for words after looking out over the Canyon’s vastness, that’s when I know that we all share that same heartfelt feeling for this special place. My goal for visitors who trek with us is to familiarize you with where to go at the Canyon, depending on your interests, so that you, too, can return to it again and again.

The Grand Canyon has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in cultural or natural history, photography, hiking, or leisurely strolls-we can provide you with making the most of your day in this amazing place. Come trek with us and see for yourself!


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